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Classically trained in piano from a young age, Mou has a background in music theory and can also play by ear. She competed in national guild competitions and won some awards, but... of this life, she wasn't a fan ..... she always wanted to play rocknroll... and write her own music. 


Mou's first foray into the world of rock ‘n’ roll music was playing keyboard with a cover band in 1996, a Bob Marley cover band called Jah Rebel in San Francisco. She never did actually play a show with them, though she spent many weeks learning how to play reggae beats on keys which would inform some of her punk rock ska writing later on. She left that project and then, inspired by the grrl rock that had taken over the city, she stumbled around San Francisco for a few years, audtioning for bands, meeting with collaborators but not really finding her stride.  Then in 1997, she instilled her friend Jen Coleman, an artist along with some other friends who were also artists to join her in writing songs using a computer based program and thus forming her first underground electronic project called Jen's Holding. But, unfortunately for a variety of reasons this project didn't get too far.


Discouraged and disillusioned by the San Francisco music scene, Mou moved to Los Angeles in 1998 to pursue a job in tech, but in her heart she knew she was going to LA to do music. 


After a short stint at a tech company in Pasadena, Mou landed her dream job at Enigma Digital, a tech-meets-music start up that was headed up by CEO Bob Ezrin, who produced acts like KISS, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Kate Bush to name a few, based in Santa Monica, CA. As production manager at Enigma Digital she over saw a team that was bringing Internet streaming to the terrestrial radio world. Enigma Digital also housed several internet stations. All the DJ's, many musicians, writers and creative folk worked in-house at Enigma as well. 


In 2000, Mou began DJ’ing at Engima's in-house radio station Luxuria Music under the name DJ Monsoon, spinning lounge music twice a week on Internet radio. This is also where she met her bandmate and co-conspirator, Ilse Baca and together they formed all girl punk band Zeitgeist Auto Parts, in 2001. (In 2002, Engima Digital was bought out by Clear Channel, a giant corporation who owned much of terrestrial radio stations). That was the end of Enigma Digital. But this job helped pave the way for Mou.

From 2001 to 2006, Mou went by the stage name Motor Wilson, and her band Ze Auto Parts took over the Los Angeles music scene playing all over include venues such as the Troubadour, Viper Room, House of Blues, with residencies at the Kibbitz room and much more, as well as making a name for themselves in the local underground punk scene, Kiss or Kill, which promoted female fronted bands off the Sunset Strip. They also built a following in the underground punk scene in Las Vegas.

Ze caught the attention of many Hollywood a-list musicians as well, including members of No Doubt and opened up for Camp Freddy a super group formed by Dave Navarro, a show which also included acts such as Juliette Lewis, Tim Armstrong of Rancid with his new band the Transplants, Lemy  of Motörhead, Cypress Hill, Billy Joe of Green Day among others. But alas, it was too much too fast and the band was young and disorganized and eventually everyone went their separate ways. 

In 2005, Motor was called in to record background vocals on Smash Mouth's release Summer Girl their sixth studio released in '06. And, also made an appearance in Dava Palamaro's documentary  film about the Kiss or Kill scene. 

After Ze Auto Parts disbanded in 2006, Mou eventually teamed up with Sean Harrison, and joined his heavy rock band Black Flame13  from 2007 to 2010. She spent three years honing a new style of heavy rock rhtym guitar which she later would use to write songs. She played rhythm guitar on their release Fornication Under Consent of the King, produced by 5-time grammy winning producer, Alfonso Rodenas, with Corey McCormick of Chris Cornell's touring band on bass.

In 2008, She played with a couple shows with Shemonster, a band that stood out against the death penalty and lead by front woman Victoria Panetti that boasted John Norwood of Fishbone on bass and of Page Hamilton of Helmet on Guitar. She also dropped her moniker of Motor Wilson and gegn using her real name. 

(It should also be noted here that in 2007, Mou also opened her psychotherapy business specalizing in sexuality, working for herself, building both businesses simultaneously.  As a sex therapist, she would keep the creative torch lit, writing several books, making numerous media appearances, producing and hosting YouTube videos, a podcast and a documentary film series. Activism for the queer community and women are a strong force in Mou's life. She continues to oversee a a virtual group practice, coaching and trainings.)

Although she dabbled in songwriting with Ilse in Ze, she had left it behind to work with Shemonster and BF13, playing solely the music of others and not her own. In 2011, Mou finally turned her attention towards her own songwriting. 

In, 2012 she formed her band Ghosha. Post punk with heavy riffs and a touch of electronica.

From 2011 to 2021 Mou wrote and composed the songs of Ghosha.  She directed and edited all the videos for Ghosha. She instilled the talents of many LA musicians, including Jarrod Kenney who joined as bass player and then engineer.  They moved to NYC where they wrote and recorded Ghosha's second EP.  In 2020, Ghosha released 4 more singles and plan to release several more including a full length LP.  

You can read the full Ghosha story, and list of musicians at

In 2014, Mou wrote a song that was initially picked up by TV for kids animation series, Middle School Moguls which peaked her interest in writing songs for sync licensing, as the music business was drastically shifting. Her song was eventually dumped for a different song.

In 2019, Mou signed up with Catch The Moon Music, a program that prepares musicians to write music for TV and sync licensing, and at the same time decided to became proficient in Apple Logic Pro X. She decided that while writing anthems meant to mimic the big hits, (the idea is to provide this for a fraction of the cost to help out indie TV and Filmmakers) was not really her thing, it did help her to decide to really focus on her craft- the songwriting aspect of music.  


In late 2019, she and Jarrod moved to Portland, OR to work with singer Michelle Muldrow, and played their first show within two months of landing in Portland. In 2020, during a pandemic they formed The Depressionistas. In 2021 they began recording their first record with Bronson Tew of Dial Back Sounds, which is based in Water Valley, Mississippi. Stay tuned for their upcoming release and more. 

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